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Blur Return with Cooking Show, Craft Foreign Ice Cream (@blurofficial)

Blur is Back, Blur is Back!

Damon Albarn and crew have returned after twelve years of silence to bring you yet another Blur LP. Praise the rock lords.

Kickstarting the campaign, they announced the album title (The Magic Whip), the tracklisting (featured below), and the lead single, “Go Out”, in the form of an odd cooking music video. Grooving with feedback and a singalong chorus (like an inebriated Spoon single), the track shows Chinese subtitles...


B00 Radley Drives You to Lover's Lane (@b00Radley_)


The Future Will Kill You: Bleak Philosophies by Walkingshoe (@inthisshoe)

Back in late April of 2014, a producer by the name of Walkingshoe released an instrumental album called Blastphemy. Since I found it on an Italian blog and the project was released through a French label, it came as a bit of a pleasant surprise when I found that Walkingshoe is based in Chicago. “Eerie synchronicity”, to use a term that Walkingshoe will coin in just a few paragraphs (be patient).

Since hearing...


Tails of Sorrow: Issue Three by Blake Gardner (@yeahokblake)

I am pleased to announce that it is March 1 and that means that we get the third issue of Tails of Sorrow by Chicago artist Blake Gardner. When we last left off, our hero Doug (a dog) had traveled from a strip club to a concert and was en route to a house party of cats. I have a feeling that things are about to get weird. Let's see what happens next.



Khori4 Creates His Own Paradox (@Khori_4)

St. Louis artist Khori 4 (who now resides in Chicago) came on my radar when he collaborated with Hurt Everybody for last year's massive single "In Seoul". A damn near Chicago anthem for my past summer, the song was perfect, and Khori's verse is a...


DETH Records Release "I Don't Want to Live (To Be a Ghost)"

Alixander III, HUREN, and Hugues St-Amour teamed up to produce "I Don't Want To Live (To Be a Ghost)" for DETH Records. Alixander III is best known for his work with AZARI & III; HUREN is a pioneer in the world of industrial techno and was part of the legendary techno act TESTE who's song "The Wipe" revolutionized techno way back in 1992; Hugues St-Amour is their good friend and modular synth enthusiast....


Monto Reaches Neptune, Creates 8th Planet EP (@montomakesmusic)

Irish producer Monto recently took a trip to Neptune without a suitcase and came back with forty minutes of downtempo instrumentals that will set you off into lunar mode.

Molding elements of jazz, trip-hop, hip-hop, R&B, footwork, grime, glitch, and everything in between, the young talent combined his pieces into one 40 minute vision quest, split into two sides.




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