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Good as it Ever was: A Birthday Interview with ICYTWAT

Let's get to know ICYTWAT, a talented 18-years-old (today is his birthday) producer and rapper based out of Chicago. When you hear a name like ICYTWAT, what comes to mind? I know that it is a rather off-setting name, but after a little more investagating, I quickly found out that the name was fitting for his sound. More then ever, we've been seeing the talent come up out of the Chicago area...


Are We Entering a New Age of Meta-Television?

The new David Foster Wallace biopic The End of the Tour gives us a peek into the writer’s real-life relationship with television. Jason Segal’s performance depicts a man agonized by guilt over his own enjoyment. The film’s focus on shame sits well enough with Wallace’s legendary, notoriously difficult novel Infinite Jest, that large book that all your smart friends talk about but never read.

Infinite Jest was about a piece of entertainment...

One Big Chase Scene: Will Miller's "Stray Horn"

This music video is incredible. Or rather, this “visual accompaniment”, which overlaps perfectly with the music of producer/trumpeter Will Miller.

Miller is currently in the process of recording his solo project, and this single is a prime example of how groovy that full-length will sound. Juggling between his bands The O'My's and...


[CONTEST] Mishka Records Beat Battle: Welcoming All Producers

I've been toying with this idea for quite some time, but today is the day that it finally becomes a reality.

Welcome to the Mishka Remix/Sample Project. Hell, let's call it a Beat Battle.

Let's cut the bullshit and get down to the details. At the beginning of every month, we post a song that has been released through Mishka Records. You download it. You flip it, twist it, remix it, distort it (you do whatever you want to it) and ...


Illuminating the Label: Pig Food Records

Every few weeks, the Bloglin is going to feature an independent label for you to sink your teeth into. Look around, listen up, and download something weird. Don’t expect the same style twice, and don’t get comfortable in your little box. We’ll keep digging for something worth your time…you keep watch.

Who: Pig Food Records

What: Pig Food is a small hip-hop outfit owned and operated by Mitch and Dan, two...


Golden Corral Should Consider Doing Dinner for Breakfast

Golden Corral is doing it all wrong with this breakfast for dinner promotion. Sure, crushing a skyscraper of syrup-logged flapjacks and a pot of diesel strength coffee before bed sounds pretty good, but there has to be something more to this humble life we lead. A promotion that transcends run-of-the-mill gluttony and miserliness. The promotion we needed, not the promotion we deserved. Something that affirms self-worth. Something that reminds us we’re not alone. Something...



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