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A Roller Coaster of Joy and Sadness: The Emotions in Pixar's Inside Out

Wednesday night, I went with my girlfriend to see Pixar's newest, Inside Out.

Pixar used to be my very favorite film company, but they've been letting me down since 2011. Classics like Toy Story and Monsters Inc. and Ratatouille and Up (and Wall-E and The Incredibles!) made me love going to the movies. The superior animation mixed with original storytelling and (oftentimes) significant...


Bud Light MIxxtail Hurricane 25 Ounces of Skin-Crawling Goodness

Red lava spewed from the black can like a freshly opened wound. Thick and viscous, the substance was an angry red, nearly violent. It reeked of hot, aging maraschino cherries and recycled convenient store air with notes of bad decisions. I shuddered at the prospect of drinking the inexplicably filled 25 ounce can. The additional ounce was regarded with extreme suspicion. I had to see what that mysterious black can was hiding; but I now regretted staring directly into the eye...


Jet Sets and Globe Trots with Daytrip (@take_a_daytrip)

Daytrip is providing an experience for you. Like the Calm app that I recently downloaded for meditation, Daytrip provides an out of body float. After all, their logo is a hot air balloon. Hit play and spend four days in the sand embracing exotic oils and nautical smells. Posse cuts and perspiration. Glitch, grime, hip-hop, and dancehall thrown into a blender with some rum and pineapple.



First Impressions of Miyazaki: Porco Rosso (1992)

Continuing my rundown of Miyazaki's filmography, I watched Porco Rosso this week. In the realm of Miyazaki, comparatively, it's a pretty realistic animated film. Other than, you know, the main character being a womanizing pig.

“I'm a known womanizer. I live on a deserted island in a small tent.”



Chicago Goods : Speaking with @MoBoTheGreat

If you don't already know, then do yourself a favor and get to know MoBo The Great, joining us from a place very fimilar to us at the Mishka bloglin: Chicago. As a developing artist, Mobo's name quickly gained traction after joining Jay Z on stage not once but twice to rap her own lyrics to packed crowds. Recently, this talented and hardworking artist let her...


It's a Good Day in the Ghetto with ST 2 Lettaz: An Interview and a Premiere (@2lettaz)

ST 2 Lettaz has been one of my favorite rappers ever since I heard 2011's The One...Cohesive: Alabama duo G-Side's album that took them into orbit. I went back and revisited their first albums, Starshipz & Rocketz (2008) as well as Huntsville International (2009). From there, I was hooked, completely entranced in all things G-Side (as well as their production cohorts...

Darkness in the Summer: Deniro Farrar and Young God's Cliff of Death II (@DeniroFarrar @BSBDmusic)

Deniro Farrar began a run of street-driven cloud rap in 2012....



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