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Five Videos to Remind Us Summer is on the Way


Today I'd like to highlight five artists from all over who are on the rise; five names heating up as the summer is less than a month away. Keep watch for these five artists who are gaining traction, a warm remind that summer is about to be in full effect.

Starfoxlaflare - Crack...


Cassettes and a Video Premiere: A Dizzy D Update (@DizzyD256)

If you recall back in late March, we released a Dizzy D album through Mishka Records. The album, titled Pine Grove, is a southern rap party, transferring from the trunk to the trap, from the club to the backyard.

The whole thing is well formatted and handled by the Huntsvillain. To keep things in motion and not to simply stop after the release, Dizzy D has been able to put Pine Grove on...


*Wipes Away Tears* Ratatat Have an Album Coming Out in July! (@ratatatmusic)

Music in 2014 was dismal and slightly depressing. Great albums were released, but I was missing my favorite band: Ratatat. I wrote an open love letter to the quiet duo, asking for them to return to my life. I had given up on hearing any new music from a band that I thought was defunct, especially considering nothing official had been heard from the two in years. Sure, they helped out on Silicon Valley, and sure member E.Vax produced "$100 Bill" for Jay Z on...


Double Down: Producers Falls and Misogi (@fallsboii @HURTMISOGI)

Falls and Misogi. Two buzzing producers. I guess the only serious connection here is that enigmatic singer Sosi is on both projects. Along with that, though, both of these tapes are prime examples of the talent pulsing out of Soundcloud and Bandcamp, regardless of geographic location, regardless of age or sex or background.

Hailing from Minneapolis (although his Bandcamp says UK),...



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