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Fall-1 2008 T-Shirt Preview Part 8 - Space Knight

By Mikhail, 08/28/2008 - 3:26pm
Space Knight 1 We're hitting the home stretch of our Fall-1 T-Shirt preview here. But fear not because Fall-2 is just right around the corner! Next up is... Space Knight! Space Knight 2 The whole concept behind this one is a bit out there so stay with me! I always envisioned the Skyway Trippers as this Heavy Metal Magazine type of story. And when I think of Heavy Metal Magazine I always think of some kick ass Stoner & Power Metal. Like I could see myself as a kid reading about the Skyway Trippers and inventing theme music for them in my head! Theme music that would undoubtedly sound like Deep Purple meets Savatge waxing poetic about space knights fighting archaic evil and making love to big breasted girls! This graphic is the tribute to the Skyway Trippers non-existent stoner metal classic theme song... Space Knight!
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