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Dark Days II: Halloween Doombox

By Mikhail, 10/27/2008 - 10:25am
Dark Days II Dark Days II: A Halloween Mix by My Pal the Crook Halloween is a mere few days away and for a third year in a row I present you Dark Days II, another dark & melancholy mix to celebrate the occasion. Nothing says like Halloween like a soundtrack to a seance! Like the past two mixes this one sticks mostly to Goth, Darkwave, Cold Wave and some Industrial/EBM in trying to replicate a frosty night, wolves a howling, rusty gates a rattling and where you constantly have to look over your shoulder. We still occasionally get emails for the tracklists from the previous Halloween mixes, so all of you closet goths get out a pen and paper and jot it down off the doombox! And those of you who may have missed it and enjoy this Dark Days II mix, be sure to grab a download of Star Eyes 7H3 H4X0R M1X for us from earlier in the year!
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