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Las Vegas to Los Angeles What An Excellent Adventure

By GregMishka, 02/25/2009 - 3:42am


Mishka was at Magic this past week peddling our goods. The show was about 40% smaller, some people said 50%. It was crazy small and weird. Of course our booth was still packed (cause we are cool like that), but it was still basically a bust.


Sorry I had to do that shitty Photoshop job and block all of our new shit out because what happens is people rip you off. We have been accused of being biters before (yea funny right!) but this shit is just a straight rip! I don't even remember the name of the brand, and I don't really care, they are fucking pieces of shit! I even knew the dude repping them  and he was trying to tell me "oh you guys have must of gotten the same fabric we did" No douche bag, we designed that plaid and color for ourselves to use. we NEVER buy plaids or checks from a fabric market, we design our own! So Don't buy this bootleg shit, you will get laughed at!


I could have taken photos of all the cool kids (I did take a few) but I just didn't think it was necessary to post all those photos. Sorry guys! But I am going to do a lot of namedropping later in this post! Nabile (pictured above) was the man at this Magic. Really though, he is the only man you need to see! He is pretty much the man behind your favorite brand, streetwear's Willy Wonka of sorts.


We did a few stupid Streetwear parties. Got wasted and had the most fun ever in my life doing karaoke at Beauty Bar. We saw Diplo and Switch at Ghostbar, and even ate at the Wynn Buffet. But then it was off to LA, where the real fun began. Ghost Town Road was on the way there. I don't remember where this was, but all I know is Ease got all excited and jumped out and took this flick.


Our first night in LA, we met up with Greg (acidgirls), Lax, DJ Gina Turner, and a bunch of others to watch our boy Dan Oh KILL IT at Avalon with our girl Lauren Flax and Fischerspooner!


It was Dan Oh's Birthday and he fucking KILLED IT! So amazing!


Lauren Flax and Fischerspooner killed it as well. Later we went to get waffles, at this place called waffle or the waffle or some shit... I forget. It was really good, but I don't take pictures of food really so use your imagination!


The next day we went to the Kaws show. Kaws has blown up as of late. I mean he has been huge, but he seems to be getting HUGER. There was also a HUGE line out front 15 minutes before the show. So luckily the king of HUGE (bobby hundreds) was out front and suggested we sneak in the back. It worked, thanks Bobby!


There was a $25,000 Kaws head on the floor. It was part of the installation and wasn't supposed to be moved. I guess Shepard Fairy was trying to be a nice guy when he tried to pick it up and got yelled at. That's what I heard at least but I'm am just trying to name drop. Lev from Toy Tokyo was the one who actually told me that little anecdote and he's been dealing with Kaws when the rest of us were still going to Raves.


Sorry to all you kewl guys, but the better show was actually down the street. Bill McMullen was having a solo show at the Constant Gallery owned by our boy Nikos from Span of Sunset. I mean fucking A, an R2-D2 ghettoblaster? Slow the fuck down!


I think the best was the corporate camo. At least I think that it was called. Camouflage made of Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Marlboro logos. That shit was so fucking brilliant. Kudos to you Bill! I also ran into John C. Riley and MCA. Ease took my picture with JCR, but it was blurry. Oh yea, Bill McMullen was the designer for the Beastie Boys. I didn't want to mention that earlier, cause I know you still had a boner over Kaws. (I love Kaws, I have a ton of his sculputres, just saying, geesh!)


Speaking of Raves, we actually had a "Rave" of sorts on Saturday night at the Kill With Power LA warehouse party. We have been doing these KWP parties in LA sorta frequently of late.Warehouse parties in LA are cool, cause all the bars close at 2am and most of them fucking suck anyway. But then you can come to a warehouse, and dance all night and get fucked up, It's really awesome! Oh, Vote for Pedro was there... Yea like the dude from Napoleon Dynamite! The kids pictured above were at the Rave on the floor above the KWP party. The real Rave with kids sitting on the floor, having sex in the corner, stuck in K holes, and walking around with giant mickey mouse hands. Ours was a pseudo (neu) (old people) Rave.


This was also the debut of Mishka's very own, Ease DaMan, preforming his soon to be hit single, "I Levitate" or just "Levitate" or whatever the fuck its called. Ease DaMan is a commercial rapper, and he wants to get ring tone deals. We are going to help him make it happen.


The rest of the night was a bit of blur. Ease killed it, Gina Turner killed it, Them Jeans killed it, Jimmy Jamz killed it, Dan Oh killed it AGAIN (his real BDAY PARTY), Pase Rock killed it, KILL WITH POWER! Thats what we do! THAT'S WHAT THE FUCK WE DO! P.S. I am not drunk, just in the office very late, and kind of in a weird mood! <3

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