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Omegle...Talk to Strangers!

By GregMishka, 04/02/2009 - 12:39pm
omegle Not sure if I am late on this, but I found out about this last night from EaseDaMan, after he confessed on twitter that he had just shared some of his deepest darkest secrets with a complete stranger. So of course I decided to check it out. Basically how it works is you go to Omegle.com and it connects you to server. It prompts "you" to say "hi." At that point "stranger" replies back. The first time I logged in, the stranger replied A/S/L? He disconnected after I said 41.m.oklahoma. Of course creeps are looking to talk to girls. I should of said I was female and just fucked with him. The second time I logged in was actually pretty funny. After I wrote, "hi" the stranger replied "smoke?" You can see what ensued HERE and then HERE. I then talked to a "dubstep producer" and some other randoms, until I realized "why am I talking to people that I don't know?" Anyways, its a good way to waste some time, unload those feelings you have been keeping inside, or who knows, maybe meet some new friends!
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