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Yung Lenox: Rap's Youngest Mastermind

Yung Lenox is an eight-year-old artist with a penchant for drawing and coloring hip-hop artists and famous hip-hop albums. He's been acknowledged by large publications (Complex, Huffington Post) as well as artists like Ghostface Killah and Chief Keef. While still in elementary school, he has prints for sale through his own website, he's had art shows, and he even has a...


Middle American Snowpinion: What Would You Do?

This blog piece is unlike most of my published work in the sense that I'm not talking about music, movies, books, or art. With that being said, I've had something on my mind since it happened on Valentine's Day and I'd love to get some feedback from our readers.

I was driving from Chicago to Indiana with my girlfriend and we hit a really nasty snowstorm. Sub-zero temperatures, heavy winds, and serious snow drifts. Roads were closed, a state of...

Brodinski Debut Album Drop Just Days Away (@Brodinski)

If you are a musician, you already know setting the vibe for your audience is crucial. In this technology primed vista we call the music scene, the vibe is increasingly less about borders, less about distinctions between scenes and more about what’s clever and relevant.

Since the internet and since the rise of remix culture, music has become much more transcultural. We share everything now. Music is no longer about “genre blasting” or “genre blurring” –...


Dog Dreams and Bike Rides: Discussing Sylvain Chomet's The Triplets of Belleville (2003)

I would like to take a quick minute to talk about The Triplets of Belleville, my favorite movie.

Although it's rather old (it came out in 2003), it's still worthy of discussion as very few films (animated or otherwise) are able to hold my attention as well as this French masterpiece. It makes almost no sense, considering that this movie is technically a silent film, other than a muttered final sentence at the very end. Full of music and sound effects and one...



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