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Bootleg Sessions 3 Trailer

By John Prolly, 05/03/2009 - 3:22pm

Bootleg Sessions v.3 -- Full Trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

In the next few months, you'll see a lot of 'streetwear' brands coming up on the Fixed Gear trend. At Mishka, we've been supporting the grassroots movement, Bootleg Sessions for a while now. Like most of the things that Mishka supports, the fixed gear trick scene is still fairly taboo in most circles; controversial if you will. Riding a fixed gear or a track bike isn't always about going fast, sometimes it's about pushing the bike, its mechanism and you to the limits. This new Bootleg Sessions is the best yet. Riders from all over submitted footage and the tricks are evolving at a new quick pace. Keep Watch for some of the DART riders in there. Remember, Ride / Relax and Get Pitted! If you're into bikes or maybe just curious, preorder it here!
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