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Eye Fucked Up New York!

By Mikhail, 07/09/2009 - 4:59pm
fu_david_waldman_1_small On Sunday July 12th, We'll be releasing a special collaborative T-Shirt with our good friends and Toronto based hardcore band Fucked Up! The tee signifies the first collaboration between Fucked Up front man Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham and ourselves. Being mutual fans and supporters of each other we worked closely on something that was representative of both the band and the brand. For Abraham, the shirt signifies everything they love about Mishka and New York. A send up of a classic design is one thing, but giving it a relevant and contemporary spin is another. We wanted to throw caution to the wind by taking Milton Glasser?s timeless “I Love New York “ design and fusing it with our well known logos to convey a cheekier take on the classic sentiments of the original. eyefuckedupny_black_tee eyefuckedupny_white_tee “New York has always been a special place for us.” says Abraham, “Punk (debatably) started there, we got shutdown for the first time there, our label is there, we did our 12 hour show there and now we are playing the first show of the summer on the water front there. Mishka is one of the most forward thinking clothing companies around and I am so happy that they are in to a bunch of backwards looking fools like us in Fucked Up.” - Damian Abraham poolparties2009schedule The special t-shirt will be made available at The Pool Parties? Fucked Up show alongside Jemina Pearl, Pony Tail and Mission of Burma on Sunday July 12th, which is being held at the East River Skate Park. Damian's going to be chucking them from the stage! Then look for an in-store and online release the following Monday.
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