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Ninja Boobs = Great Videogame Marketing

By Ninja Magic, 07/30/2009 - 11:34pm
ninja_gaiden_2 Don't know if you've ever played a Ninja Gaiden game -- you probably have -- but the creators have a penchant for slapping giant tits on anything they think they can get away with. See above. It's a great idea, because boys like videogames about ninjas and, in general, like huge boobs. See my nom de guerre and porn folder for proof. I actually dig the games anyway, so the massive funbags are just icing on the cake. So, to promote Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in Japan, they've put some giant tits on a wall, hoping that passersby will cop a feel. Whether anyone fondling these ninja knockers has any idea that they're from a videogame, I couldn't tell you. But this is brilliant marketing.
Here's a poetic description of what this video is all about, in bad English, straight from the source. Her arms and breasts are protrude. When her arms and breasts Receive loving squeezes from the passing men. *sniff* Beautiful!
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