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Review: Gary War - Horribles Parade

By Mikhail, 07/31/2009 - 11:52am
Gary Hell - Horribles Parade Gary War - Horribles Parade (2009) [Sacred Bones] // Grade: B- Devling further into the abstraction from his debut, New Raytheonport, Gary War's seemingly endless layers of drones, flange, phaser and chorus effects entomb catchy songs within an ornate psychedelic slop until they're nothing more than a diversion. Unlike with New Raytheonport, the vocals on Horribles Parade are caked in so much flange/chorus that it can make for a challenging first listen. But as with the work of Helios Creed/Chrome, that additional challenge and layer of clamor can quickly become the turning point in establishing something either arduos or transfixing, depending on your state of mind. If you're ready and ride the muck until it begins to part, you'll find yourself rewarded to some surreal exploits, surprising fully of melodic charm. As an added bonus, the CD release of Horribles Parade includes with it the Galactic Citizens EP (out later this year on vinyl via Captured Tracks) enhancing and elongating this strange psychedelic journey. Buy it at Insound!
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