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Digging For Fire Vol. 59: DJ Eclipse – This CD Is Not Nice (Matador Megamix)

By Mikhail, 11/01/2009 - 2:30pm
DJ Eclipse - This CD Is Not Nice 1999 was Matador records 10th anniversary*. To celebrate the label made a 3-disc compilation and threw a series of concerts at Irving Plaza featuring much of their label roster from the time. As party favors, Matador commissioned Matmos & DJ Eclipse to ransack the Matador catalog and produce two separate mix CDs that would be then given to all attendees at the shows. These were never meant to be sold and I can't really even be certain if Matador ever collected them later on some sort of compilation package or not. Either way neither are readily available on the 'net. I'm not sure whatever happened to my copy of the Matmos mix, but I do still have the DJ Eclipse mix (which was my favorite of the two). 1999 was around the time Matador had signed Non Phixion, hence the reason why DJ Eclipse (of all people) ended up making this mix for them. Unfortunately the relationship between the two would never go any further than this promo mix and the Black Helicopters 12". The mix is pretty short, just over 20 minutes total... Yett still a pretty solid mix. It's refreshing and interesting just how comfortable Eclipse is out of his element missing indie rock instead of Hip Hop and so eloquently weaving a decent cross-section of the eclectic matador catalog into a pretty seamless mix. I especially love when he slips in some breakbeats behind Cat Power's "Back of Your Head". On a side not, these mixes hold a special place in my heart because I was the one who actually designed the sleeve sticker and disc artwork. No clue why I indented at the start of each paragraph or why didn't have all of the type flush left against the same guide. I also realized listening back to this that I (or maybe Matador?) left off the Blues Explosion's "Very Rare" off of the tracklist. But look at that 10!!! WoooOooo it's all in perspective and about to come out at yooouuuu! *Not sure why Matador didn't really celebrate a 20th anniversary this year. DJ Eclipse - This CD Is Not Nice (Matador Megamix)
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