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Blake Rules :: Boobies6942069

Earlier this year, contributing writer and artist Blake Gardner aka Blake Rules aka yeahokblake released the song “Boobies6942069”. Handling both production and vocal duties, the track is autobiographical and comedic while also being well delivered and sharp. Somehow I managed to miss the memo, but a couple months after the track dropped on SoundCloud, Blake released the music video for this enjoyable track.


Twin Talents: An Exclusive Interview with Duo Two Fresh

Two Fresh are twin brothers crafting some of the most well known backdrops in the current hip-hop realm. From assisting with Mac Miller's Macadelic to a Mad Decent co-sign (releasing their Torch EP through them last year), brothers Shweez and Kendo have also managed to tap into the Chicago music scene, producing for artists like Towkio, Joey Purp, Njomza, and Vic Mensa. Most recently, in collaboration with Earmilk, they've been...


Exotica: Sani's Newest Instrumental Offering

Call Sani Mr. Consistent, Mr. Prolific. The Chicago native producer released his first instrumental offering of 2016 in the form of the seven song EP Exotica. Clocking in at under 14 minutes, all of the songs are short and sweet. Instrumentals, sample-based and soulful as hell. This...


Umpqua Rushing: Blind Pilot's New Single Preps First Album in Five Years

Yes, listening to Blind Pilot is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. Despite taking their time and only releasing albums every three or four years, they remain one of my favorite bands. After dropping their debut 3 Rounds and a Sound back in 2008, they followed up with We Are the Tide in 2011. Now, five years later, they are preparing to release And Then Like Lions on August 12. Acting as the lead single, they have released the audio for “Umpqua Rushing”. If you...


DIY Dance Moves: An Exclusive Interview with Toronto's Bedroomer Collective

Bedroomer. Toronto. Really good dance music. 

I could finish my intro into this collective with the information above. But to conduct a few proper sentences: Bedroomer is a DIY dance/electronica collective hailing from The 6. Often with the hashtag #sleepsquad, these creative and inventive souls are providing some of the finest ambient, house, and footwork jams around. From compilation albums to remixes to...


Mishka's Own Animalkracka aka KEVORKIAN Releases Police Sketch EP

Contributing writer Kevin Connelly aka ANIMALKRACKA aka KEVORKIAN (ALL CAPS MOTHERFUCKER) is a jack of all trades. He used to help out at the Mishka SF shop (RIP) while multi-tasking between cassette collecting and conducting interviews with cool dudes. To add on to his passions, he also raps...


Too Many Days: ELWD's Newest Instrumental Offering

Beatsmith and quality craftsman ELWD is no stranger to the Mishka Blogin. Before releasing 20:00 with us earlier this year, we kept note of his instrumental beat tapes, in particular the dazzling, crackling Dreamwaves, which you should probably spin as soon as you can. But first, check out his newest offering in the form of Too Many...



It's Big Body, bitch, and I'm sippin' lemonade.

Chicago mogul and entrepreneur BIGBODYFIJI is extending his techniques into the rap game, this time with a set of visuals for his origin story.

Produced by Dexter (Glohan) and shot by Jose Franco, the two and a half minute video shows Fiji acting colorful around umbrellas and carnival rides. This video is necessary for...


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