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Guv Luv Mixtape Vol. 1 (Free Download)!

By Mikhail, 01/30/2010 - 2:00pm
MIXTAPEGUVLUV Ben Cook, former vocalist for No Warning, star of a handful of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps, and of course guitarist for Fucked Up also has his hands (concurrently) in a ton of other great musical projects.  There's Young Governor, The Bitters, Marvelous Darlings and probably another three or four I'm neglecting or just don't know about yet. I really have no clue how or where he finds the time, but he does. Guv Luv Mixtape Vol. 1 is 30 minutes of Lo-Fi/Power Pop/Weirdo goodness from the whole spectrum of projects that Ben is currently working on. You can puchase a copy of the cassatte (which is limited to 66 copies) from South Paw Records or download it for free right here! I can't even stress how good Marvelous Darling's "Teenage Target" is. This is the best Replacements song Paul Westerberg will never ever (and probably couldn't ever) write. The 7-inch for it comes out in a couple of weeks on Plastic Idol. This future Power Pop anthem is totally reason enough on why you must spend those precious 30 seconds of your life on downloading this mixtape. Don't be an asshole, download this now! And for those of you wanting to learn more about Ben, here's a great interview with him from last year. View the tracklist for Guv Luv Mixtape Vol. 1 after the break. 1. Goosebumps Intro 2. Guvnor - 25 With a Bullet (Remix) 3. Marvelous Darlings - Teenage Targets 4. Demi Lovato (feat.The Jonas Brothers & Young Governor) - This Is Me 5. Ben Raynor and The Pricks - Crankin to Sonic Youth (Exclusive North American Release) 6. Guv Speaks 7. Guvnor - I'm a Mess (I'm the Best remix) 8. Setanta Soccer Theme Music/Bellamy Slaps a Fan 9. Marvelous Darlings - Galloway (Demo) 10. Guvnor - Summer Girl (Acapella Clip) 11. The Bitters - East (Live in Toronto) 12. Guv - Cindy's Gonna Save Me (Clip) 13. Guv - Piano Lessons Can Be Murder Scene 1 14. To Burt, Luv Guv 15. The Bitters - I'm Fellin' Good (clip)
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