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Get to Know: Producer purpan.

According to Soundcloud, producer purpan. comes from Mellow Land and that's all you need to know. I don't know his face or his origins or even his age for that matter, but I know that he churns out more instrumentals on Soundcloud than most. If Knxwledge runs Bandcamp, purpan. is on track to run Soundcloud.  

With 110 uploads, it'll take days, weeks even, to sift through the gems hidden within. Because I have yet to fully digest all of the tracks, it's...


It's Been Ten: Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This to Memory

Welcome to It's Been Ten - where each week we'll take a look back on something that is turning a decade old (or is about to/recently has) and see how it holds up here in 2015.

It's getting nicer out, and for me that has always correlated with somewhat of a change in musical preferences. I still listen to black metal, but I'm less likely to spin "Det Som Engang Var" when there's a beautiful, sunny day just outside my window. With that, let's...


Everywhere at Once: Richard McGuire's Here

Here is a graphic novel by Richard McGuire that takes place in one corner of one room over hundreds of thousands of years. Originally thought up back in 1989, the comic vision fully took flight this last year in the form of a fully colored book released through Random House. 

The book contrasts architecture with...


Mishka Records Presents: DT Blanco's Vanity (@DTBLANCOIX)

Rise up singing for today is the day that female rapper DT Blanco releases her highly anticipated debut Vanity, directly to your mental via Mishka Records.

Years in the making, this is a project that was well worth the wait. Fifteen tracks by the MC out of Austin, Texas, Vanity is something to bump in the whip, top down, windows down. Something to play to piss off your neighbors. This is reflective turn up. Spiritual and cocky. Heavy bass but lost in...


Snakes, GTA, and Dope: A Freddie Gibbs Update (@freddiegibbs)

Freddie Gibbs isn't afraid of snakes. The only thing that gets to him is heights, so it's no wonder he keeps his cool in his newest video for “Pronto” (off of his new EP Pronto) where he smokes out of a bathtub surrounded by big ass snakes.

I would certainly lose my cool if asked to be around that many snakes, but Gangsta Gibbs is more of a man than I am.




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