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I Paid Gary Coleman $5 For This Photo

By GregMishka, 05/29/2010 - 2:31pm
I've been pretty lucky to meet some of my childhood heroes over the years. Back in college it was Warwick Davis, and a few years ago at New York Comic Con it was Gary Coleman. I remember that I was almost on my way out when I saw a sign that had a list of all the special guests that were signing autographs and Gary was one of them. When I walked up to the area with all of the guests I saw Gary sitting there with his wife and ratty leather suitcase with a series of instructions: "$5 for a digital photo with Gary $20 for signed photo $25 for signed photo with popular TV slogan" I opted to pay $5 to take a digital photo with Gary. He threw the bill into his suitcase and proceeded to tell my friend Henke (skinnydigital) how to take the photo. That's why he looks all mean and like he is jerking me off. Little man couldn't even look at the camera. How sad. Oh well, at least I have the photo and the memory. You will be missed Gary. I guess.
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