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Quick Rundown: Tree's Eight #treestyles (@MCTREEG)

Less than a month ago, we released an instrumental project with Tree called Treestrumentals. Showcasing his best instrumentals, the beat tape spanned Tree's history with soul trap and beyond.

As a fine contrast to his own instrumentals, Tree has also recently been rhyming over outside production, something he strayed away from a bit in past years. In February, he gave us...


The Rest Will Follow: Speaking with Freeminds Collective (@FRMNDS)

(Artwork by Joe Capon)

2015 is all about movement. It’s about seamless aesthetics. Our phones are the digital gospel, accounts of where we’ve been and what we’ve eaten. Follow for a follow back. Maybe we have become an instant noodle society, but we thrive on music, art, film, and social media existing within blurred lines with limitless...


Mishka Presents: Floss Gloss Tee Release @ 350 Broadway

Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cher & Dionne, Gin & Tonic: some things are just meant to go together. We proudly present Mishka x Floss Gloss Ltd!

We've teamed up with the award-winning beauty brand to bring you two dope tees (one is unisex, one is a feminine cut), and are celebrating with a release event at 350 Broadway this Friday---including drinks by Bombay Sapphire and mini-manis by celebrity nail artist Jessica...

Exotic Glaciers: PRFCT Storm's A River in Winter (@PRFCTstormMusic @88ULTRAmusic)

A River in Winter. A cold stream that flows through ice patches and snowfall.

This album was briefly discussed when I...


The 2015 Toyota Camry: An Endorsement for Sterilization

I’ve never quite understood concepts behind car commercials, as they seem a complete act of futility. An unfocused, featureless glow, with the sole purpose of bludgeoning intellects. Comically unaware. Has one of these commercials ever actually created a sense of urgency or desire? Some market the car as something that can drive completely unscathed through one of Bowser’s castles, navigating hastily crafted booby-traps with relative ease. The perfect commercial to play for...

Get to Know: Producer purpan.

According to Soundcloud, producer purpan. comes from Mellow Land and that's all you need to know. I don't know his face or his origins or even his age for that matter, but I know that he churns out more instrumentals on Soundcloud than most. If Knxwledge runs Bandcamp, purpan. is on track to run Soundcloud.  

With 110 uploads, it'll take days, weeks even, to sift through the gems hidden within. Because I have yet to fully digest all of the tracks, it's...


It's Been Ten: Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This to Memory

Welcome to It's Been Ten - where each week we'll take a look back on something that is turning a decade old (or is about to/recently has) and see how it holds up here in 2015.

It's getting nicer out, and for me that has always correlated with somewhat of a change in musical preferences. I still listen to black metal, but I'm less likely to spin "Det Som Engang Var" when there's a beautiful, sunny day just outside my window. With that, let's...


Everywhere at Once: Richard McGuire's Here

Here is a graphic novel by Richard McGuire that takes place in one corner of one room over hundreds of thousands of years. Originally thought up back in 1989, the comic vision fully took flight this last year in the form of a fully colored book released through Random House. 

The book contrasts architecture with...



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