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Vintage Gumball Machine Display Gallery

By GregMishka, 09/15/2010 - 2:49pm
I recently made a flickr gallery featuring a great collection of vintage gumball machine display cards. Do you guys remember these things? I sure do. This was back when they would tempt you with the coolest shit but all you'd end up with was some shitty temporary tattoo. I remember that I wanting that little Wheel of Fortune toy they used to make toy so badly. Gun Watch?! See this is what I am talking about, you would be putting quarter after quarter to get that Gun Watch and I am sure you would get stuck with those dumb neon key chains or a plastic bird. I love the randomness to some of these displays. They may as well just say "Juvenile Delinquent" when your options are a lock, a chain, a gold bracelet, Playboy lighters, a pocket knife, and dice. Or look at the Rambo themed display. Notice that the Rambo logo has a TM next it as if it's actual licensed product. Oh those clever Asian toymakers! Licensed or not, I bet as a kid you still would have been fiending over that camo watch and the bazooka but probably ended up with just a stupid plastic army man. Now we're getting into some of that late 80s/early 90s steeze... just check out that spread! A bootleg Dennis "Hot Rod" Rodman temporary tattoo, Either a Shaq or Jordan Hacky Sack, and a sick little illustration of Daffy Duck spinning a B-ball. Total Space (Friend) Jam! And finally (and obviously) my favorite of the bunch...  Anyone that knows me, knows how much of a Madballs freak I am, especially the bootleg ones. So discovering this sick display card was this heaven. I want it so friggin' bad!
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