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Live Forever: The Big Kahuna Begins the Process

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire is back with a new moniker, The Big Kahuna (or BK for short), and a series of EPs collectively dubbed The Process, leading up to the release of a full-length later next year. On the first EP, Live Forever, we find King Cosmic re-animated like a Frank Miller comic, flexing his lyrical dexterity and left-of-center subject matter outside the confines of the universally constrictive mold his previous major label...


The Dead Occasion: Supa Bwe's Fine Tuned Opus

Supa Bwe (of trio Hurt Everybody) is one of the rap game's hardest working talents. On his October 4 birthday last year, he released his debut solo EP, 10-4. Since that time, exactly one year, he's released three projects with Hurt Everybody, as well as five EPs as a solo artist. The work and the hustle are real with this one, and to top it off, for his 26th birthday this year,...


Chicago's Four Best Kept Hidden Restaurants

01. Bubba Gump’s Shrimp

Nestled into one of the more secluded and unknown parts of the city, in a quaint part of town known adoringly by locals as Navy Pier, Bubba Gump Shrimp will submerge you in the scenic waters of Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, Bubba Gump’s is only for the most hardcore of seafood snobs, offering up unorthodox interpretations on shrimp-like popcorn shrimp and coconut shrimp (both styles uniquely Chicago) and a variety of...


Fall 2015 Reality TV Report: Ladies of London, Dash Dolls and More

The world has changed since I last reported. A fantastic season of Real Housewives of New York City is in the rearview. Real Housewives of Orange County is speeding towards conclusion with an ethically questionable (and superb) storyline concerning Brooks’s supposedly fake cancer. Meanwhile, Bachelor in Paradise closed a continuously breathtaking season with the worst on-screen breakup in human history, and I Am Cait has inexplicably...


Sandcastles, Mermaids, and Stars: Speaking with Singer Nami Ramo

Sacramento-based singer Nami Ramo popped on my radar earlier this year when she released 001, an EP entirely produced by TRIIYP. The four song debut project was stuck underwater, dripping wet and dreamy. Producer Whoarei pointed me in the direction of this project, and a recommendation from the talented producer is all that was needed for me to press play. Since, Nami...


The Jungle Book: An Honest Book Review

Music: it's not the only way to the secret path of badassliness.  

Sure, listening to Wu-Tang can turn on the engines of your masculinity, but reading something like The Jungle Book by an English, Bombay born writer Rudyard Kipling can have a stronger impact on your life than any Wu song. This rule doesn't apply to Ghostface's solo albums, though. That shit can't even be beaten by the Bible. The Jungle Book is the type of book...


JRevinatii$: A Bloglin Introduction

During a recent search through the Internet, I came across this NYC artist JRevinatii$, an artist on the come up of music and videos. I knew very little about this artist but I found his videos very interesting along with all of the stories that his music tells his audience. With that in mind, I knew speaking to this truly unique artist would be a good look for the blog. JRev...



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