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Damn Good Panties, And Hot!

By Whole Milk, 11/30/2010 - 11:00pm
Has everyone else seen this and I'm just super oblivious, or did I stumble onto the mother lode? I knew David Lynch was strange, but I never thought I'd see him get all Frank Booth with a fan's oddly-large panties. Whoever mixed it up to the Twin Peaks theme also deserves a round of applause. There's just so much goodness in this video. Seriously, is there anyone cooler than David Lynch? Recently, though he hasn't made any movies, he's been great fodder for funny little videos. Anyone who's seen a movie at the IFC Center recently would (hopefully) remember his pitch video for his coffee brand, David Lynch Signature Cup, that plays before the trailers. He also releases weird short videos like this one onto his youtube page from time to time. He gets extra points for filming them in the fucking red room. Man, I love David Lynch. I think it's time to rewatch Wild At Heart...
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