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Heretic Hymns: Acheivment Unlocked

By Nattymari, 01/28/2011 - 6:00pm
While his classmates are practicing their headshots to beef up their gamerscores, John Sanchez is involved in another type of game. A junior in high school, Sanchez has already recorded a fair amount of music and posted it up to Soundcloud.  Plays, Favoritings and Comments are the only achievements he’s concerned with as he logs in nightly to play in the internet’s strangest new MMORPG.  The Remix Generation has become a sort of quasi arcade frequented by many teenagers grown tired of their Zynga Farms and Mafia Wars. Very few, however, have dared to walk down the shadowy path that leads to the Witch’s Candy Cottage. Sanchez began making music in 2010.  He got his start mashing up pop and indie tracks, under the moniker Aubrey and Friends, before quickly becoming attracted to the DIY spirit of artists like GuMMy†Be▲R!, White Ring and LAKE R▲DIO. Not just satisfied with mere fandom, he ditched his imaginary friends and decided to take the gender ambiguous ÅÜßRÊÿ on a dark ride. It all started getting really good about the time he released “Xenia, Ohio,” a sluggishly blissful journey through warped bass and dragged “Gummo” samples.  Oddly enough, he chose to tag his track “Witch Made,” and pretty much forced his way into the micro Coven that Herr GuMMy and I were forming. †XeÑia, Θhio† by ¤¥¤ÅÜßRÊÿ¤¥¤ What is most impressive about ÅÜßRÊÿ though is his knowledge and love for music.  When remixing tracks, he often opts for a rare Nena track over something as obvious as Depeche Mode.  Recently he decided to return to the practice of mash up in order to transform Q Lazzarus’ classic “Goodbye Horses” into a fuzzy trance monster.  This is true mash up, with emphasis on the mash.  Nothing really matches, and the result is a beautiful disaster of loose ends and frayed edges.  Sanchez took great care washing the track out to create a dull cassette feel, his way of personally “doing justice to such a great track.”
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