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Digging in the Medicine Cabinet with @DroopE and @Sha_Hustle (@BATMANONTHEBEAT)

If you're reading this, you're either high as hell or you're frantically searching for some grass. If you don't smoke, this might not be the song for you. Given that it's 4/20, the rap world is very active, with full-lengths dropping next to new songs, videos, merchandise sales, and everything in between.

While we will give you an entire rundown tomorrow of music that was released on this stoner holiday, it's worth mentioning a new single from Bay Area's ...


"Crazy Nightmarish Weird Battle Scenes": Speaking with Artist Skinner (@SKINNER)

California-based artist Skinner is no stranger to Mishka. With numerous collaborations (murals, clothings, pins, patches) as well as a recent addition (and visit) to the Mishka Tokyo store (pictured above), Skinner's art finely blends psychedelia with psychosis. Throw in a dash of metal, blood, and pop culture into the mix and Skinner's world vibrates that much more. I reached out to the...


Pregame for 4/20 by Getting Freshly Baked to this Visual EP

Tomorrow is 4/20 and if you haven't yet hit the plug, then you're tweaking. Properly prepare for the holidays. You don't get your kids Christmas gifts on Christmas morning, do you? We all saw how Jingle All the Way turned out.

Anyway, if you already have your goodies and your fun prepared for tomorrow, you might as well tap into the stash tonight. What better way to prepare for Weedhead Independence...

Three Ways to Prepare for True Detective Season 2

True Detective is returning in June and I can't wait.

With a whole new cast, a whole new premise, and a whole new shooting location (apparently taking place in the desert of California), season two has some promise.

The gothic crime series had one hell of a first season, quite possibly the best first season of any show I have ever seen. I don't watch that much television, so many my opinion means nothing, but goddamn was that a good first...


Five Chicago Singles for Your Thursday

I write about and praise a great deal of Chicago producers on this blog and I write about and praise a great deal of music outside of Chicago, but it's rare that I discuss hip-hop singles from Chicago that I enjoy. That being said, they are constantly playing in my car and through my computer's speakers. With that in mind, it's only right that I present to you five tracks from out of Chicago (with vocalists) that have really impressed me recently.



A Desert Oasis: JahRas Offer Free Food (@TheJahRas)

Following the unfortunate split of production trio OnGaud, I'm thankful that all members are doing their damn thing; Bryan has kept the name OnGaud and continues to tour with Mick Jenkins; SolarFive released a strong solo album earlier this year; and Billy has linked up with producer/violinist...



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