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The 5 Best of the 25 Best "To Catch a Predator" Screencaps Ever

By Spartak, 02/11/2011 - 6:36pm
Here's something that will bring a smile to your face if you're really into pedophiles being funny unintentionally that is. Thanks to the fine folks at Buzzfeed, someone with a decent and somewhat sick sense of humor has compiled what they claim to be the best screen-caps from MSNBC's To Catch a Predator . While I won't post all 25 of them here (because you can just go there yourself) here are some of my favorites from their list. Follow me on this journey of sexual innuendos, creepy creeps, and still shots of some of the worst looking dudes this side of the Mississippi (which is where all the predators get caught right?) Not knowing the context of the conversations from which these are pulled actually makes these way funnier. For instance Now it's hard to gauge on whether this old perv was asking his underage decoy what to wear for him, the fake girl tries to divert his plans to what most children love talking about, that of course is candy. Also the way she spells anyway is great because she plays her part of what I'm assuming is a 14-year-old perfectly. I hope there's M&M's in prison. This one looks like some sort of dating testimonial since the gentleman cleverly named "lovesource7" is well dressed and has answered some question whether penetration is indeed enjoyed by women. His answer couldn't be any better as a hint of uncertainty still lurks. I can't call myself a die-hard of the show by any means but whenever I did catch an episode I would really enjoy seeing the clever screen names the predators came up with, particularly the older ones. Get a load of "toofast4yall2003" I hope that's not a shot at his own sexual reliability but instead an ode to his favorite 2003 blockbuster movie 2 Fast 2 Furious How much of a winner is this guy? I would love to know where they pulled this picture from because if I was getting busted on national television while I tried to schmooze some underage girl you bet your ass this is the kind of picture I would want plastered across the screen. Something about the sheer genius of the flavor of funky monkey as a response makes this screen cap that much better. I wonder if this conversation turned into a debate of better Ben & Jerry's flavors instead of potential statutory rape. This screen cap isn't really all that funny with the exception of the response of the big boots since this decoy is clearly a gold digger and probably a prude. That is until you see follow-up. BOOM. I'm not gonna lie I really wish i saw how this ended, this dude did not tip-toe around his intentions especially with a smirk like that.
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