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MTV News Tags Along on Odd Future's Recent East Coast Romp

By Mikhail, 02/23/2011 - 3:30pm
First Jimmy Fallon, now this...if anyone had some sort of doubt that 2011 wouldn't be all about Odd Future, I hope this is further proof that the crew isn't going anywhere except everywhere imaginable. MTV News tagged along with them as they made their trip from NYC to Philly. In addition to the video clip, the article on them, another feature on them airing on Thursday's RapFix; MTV also just posted a whole separate piece focusing on OFWGKTA blunted hero, Domo Genesis. I know we post a lot about Odd Future round here, but for MTV that's on some Nirvana in the 90s level overkill coverage. Everyone and their mother are going to know the Golf Wang come this summer and then start arguing over who was into them when. Fun, fun stuff.
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