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Lil' Yachty's Nautical Glitch Video for "1 Night"

Yes, I know that this has been out for a while and that every major hip-hop blog has already covered it properly, but it deserves to be on our blog. Lil' Yachty's breakout anthem continues into summer as this sing-a-long received the visual treatment. With green screen antics, boat parties, Jay Z edits, Hey Arnold edits, and more, the video is a breath of fresh air in a sea of moldy music videos. “1 Night” highlights the creativity and originality booming out...

Acid Dreams with Alexander Robotnick and More (5/26)

Attention Chicago. Or rather, attention anyone in the Midwest with a car and some gas money. Next Thursday, May 26th, starting at 10pm, Stardust is presenting an event known as Acid Dreams with Alexander Robotnick performing live. This event will act as the official pre-party for Movement, the annual three day electro music festival in Detroit.

Catch a live DJ set by Italian forefather of electronic music, Alexander Robotnick, who has been...



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