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Weed, Paisley, Seinfeld, and Spooning: Ladyfriends by Netherfriends (@Netherfriends)

One man band Netherfriends continues to make the rounds around the bloglin. After...


This Little Piggy: Despot's Summer Smash (@despotroast @ratatatmusic)

Despite being in the rap game for over a decade, Despot has yet to ever release a full-length album, but that hasn't stopped him from being a legend both within the hip-hop world and within the underbelly of Queens.

I first heard Despot on a song with Ratatat called “Look Alive” which dropped way back whenever (2009).

Since that time, Despot has toured with Run the Jewels, he has appeared on one of the...


The Top Five Things to do Aboard a Disney Cruise Line

[Edit: Contributing writer Toadswiback returns with an outrageous rendition of the top five things to do aboard a Disney Cruise Line.]

01. Get a massage from a Disney character at the “Chill Spa”

Nothing is more relaxing than getting worked by the ample and eager fingers of some of your favorite Disney characters. Lie...


Aquatic Dreams on Love Island: Grooving with Texas Duo Swing Scholars (@yahnLOOKE @DJMellowJ)

I downloaded this album over a month ago and I'm finally getting around to...


Stealing Bikes with Vancouver Producer Karavelo (@karav3lo)

Last year, Vancouver-based producer karavelo released an instrumental journey called Bicycle Thief.




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