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Do You Like Podcasts? Uhh Yeah Dude!

By Oh Mars, 04/28/2011 - 6:00pm
I've never written a music piece before because I suck at writing about music. I'm only marginally better at it than I am at writing about movies, meaning "awesome" or "shitty" are the best criticisms you're going to get from me. Also, 80 percent of what I listen to are film scores and the other 20 percent is Springsteen so I'm sure none of you want to read my music recommendations. So now that I've tricked you into reading about what you think is a hawt new group you've never heard of, let me tell you that Uhh Yeah Dude is a podcast, not a band. Gotcha good, pussies! More specifically, UYD is a comedy podcast hosted by two normal-ass dudes who aren't professional comedians. The show's creators/writers/hosts are Jonathan Larroquette (son of actor John Larroquette and one half of the band Jogger) and Seth Romatelli (who doesn't have email or own a cellphone). Recently, the boys were listed as #7 in Rolling Stones' "10 Best Comedy Podcasts of the Moment." That's huge for a podcast that has no celebrity hosts, has featured no guests, and that's recorded every week in the living room of Seth's LA apartment. During the course of the show's 60 minutes, Seth and Jah report on everything from fucked-up news stories (usually from Florida) to celebrity bullshit to personal anecdotes about encounters with the weirdos of LA and beyond. All of this is filtered through their hilariously blunt observations, unwavering opinions, and the overall message that "America is fucked." It's always funny, always personal, and seriously informative. After listening to one episode you'll have at least three informative things to mention to your friends/co-workers that will make them say "Really? Whaaa?" So listening to UYD makes you feel smart. Bonus. On the other hand, listening to UYD can also make you feel gross. In a good way. He doesn't really do it anymore, but Seth used to give dramatic readings of Craigslist "casual encounters" and "missed connections" that are downright repulsive. LA must own the copyright on "straight dudes looking to jerk off with other straight dudes."
In conclusion, the majority of podcasts suck but UYD most certainly does not. And on another note, I beat those old farts at Rolling Stone to the punch by three years. Shortly after my friend Kyle introduced me to UYD in 2008, I interviewed Jah and Seth for a blog I started. I had my written notes ready and thought it would be like a 20 minute Q&A. It turned into an almost three hour discussion with two of the nicest/funniest dudes I've ever had the pleasure to speak with. So listen to UYD. And tell a friend. Every episode is available on iTunes and Podcast Alley for free. Check out their official site for a UYD Wikipedia, merchandise, and other goodies.
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