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Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?

Most people guess the next big advancement in technology will be intelligent robots and computers – but who’s to say the self-aware machines aren’t us?

Fans of Phillip K Dick are no strangers to his tales of alternate worlds and worlds within worlds. It’s also not new information that in 1977, Dick expressed his beliefs that we are, in fact, living in a computer simulation. A concept also explored in the film...


SXSW Recap: Vibes (Day 2) (@Vibes2015)

On Friday, the crowd was a bit smaller, due in part to the rain and due in part to the fire marshall lowering the capacity from 800 to 360 because Thursday was far too lit for law-abiding citizens.

Alexander Spit had an early afternoon set in the rain. Sunglasses and a rainbow shirt, he focused on rapping rather than being behind the boards...


SXSW Recap: Vibes (Day 1) (@Vibes2015)

Thursday marked the first day of the two-day Vibes showcase, led by LNDRNRS and MishkaNYC. Featuring two stages both days (the Mishka Stage and the Trillectro Stage), artists from all over the country came and went in a six-hour flurry (a blurred hurry).

The first day started early with sets by Deniro Farrar, Remy Banks, and Rome...



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