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Serious Saturdays: The 9th Wonder of the Underworld

By Michael Cohn, 05/21/2011 - 7:58pm
Now that all the kiddies have sought out and developed a diverse array of opinions on what the term "Dubstep" actually means, perhaps its about time they be taken to school to learn about the origins of the genre. We won't have time to give a history lesson on Garage and how the transition was made into Grime. Nor will we delve into the earlier darker and deeper roots of Dubstep but we will clue you in to some of the key players, giving you some background on a musical style that is all the rage and one that has been slowly creeping its way into the USA for the past 10 years. Not too long ago, we had the pleasure of seeing Plastician perform for a completely new crowd of devotees. He drew from them a stellar reaction considering he did not modify his performance with audience in mind and instead delivered a classic technical set as you can hear every week on Rinse FM. I can only suggest an almost religious dedication to the show and with this you shall receive some purpose in life. Onward! It's a must that we now explore one of the forefathers of dubstep, DJ Wonder, whom you can find every Friday night, being featured as well, on Rinse FM. As one the founding member of pivotal Grime crew Roll Deep, with Wiley and Danny Weed to soon be sworn in, Wonder embarks upon a solo career eventually linking up with Rinse FM bossman Geeneus. Then in 2005, he goes on to produce Dizzie Rascal's epic "Respect Me", closely after, embarking on a European and American tour as his DJ opening for The Streets. Wonder has produced some of the greats, this includes Kano and even remixing The Prodigy, but its with the formation and completion of his album "Welcome to Wonderland" that he etches his name into the primordial stone giving way to a legendary status.
On "Welcome to Wonderland", eerie wobbles matched with low frequencies are draped over subtle auditory stabbing. Coupling immense sound with a variety of notable vocalists, including the likes of Kano, adds the cherry atop this great instrumental mound of sweetness entitled "What Have You Done". Recently, he's been busy both remixing and producing originals: this remix of TC feat. Princess Nyah's "Take Control" will surely haunt you til the end of times. Pray for Bass!
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