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Gold Hoops and Bubblegum Lipstick

By Casper, 05/30/2011 - 11:00pm
Jasmine Solano is young, fly, and covered in glittery freshness. The ghetto princess has performed at large-scale hip-hop concerts as well as local NYC events where she is known by all and loved by most. Haters gon' hate. Her newest video features Chicago-born MC, Hollywood Holt. Not gonna lie, the guy looks like a Taylor Gang reject with a pretty obnoxious, not to mention back to basics, flow. Glitz and glamour soak the female rapper as she spits tough lines with charming yet thunderous delivery. Bringing the party to the backroom V.I.P. sections of downtown nightclubs, Solano flashes her chains, although I bet some of you wished more, packing with it a nice helping of bad girl attitude. Keep an eye out for more from the Brooklyn bombshell because she's, beyond a doubt, on the up and up. The song "Turn It Up" is the first single off her upcoming EP to be released this summer. Bluntly put, Jasmine Solano restores my faith in the potential sexiness of the side ponytail. Respect.
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