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Let’s Talk About Hex, Baby

Lo-fi, Gangsta Witch, Lexi Hex (AKA Rap Game Amanda Bynes), released her mixtape Burn The Church on 4/20, in celebration of the weed-themed holiday stealing Easter’s shine this year (Hail, Satan), and also in anticipation of her soon to be released full-...


Evans’ Gate



Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Poor little dude Left Leberra recently released the guitar-driven single “Take A Ride Up” on his Soundcloud account, with the ominous cover art of a weed leaf and two crossed knives mimicking a skull and bones. “Come on, take a ride up with the psycho...


Over Easy: New LA Party This Thursday

Yo, Los Angeles: this Thursday, April 24, marks the start of a new function for you to turn up at. Or whatever it is you do at these things. Join us for the debut of Over Easy, featuring Hoodboi and Immigré, two of our favorite acts right now, and guaranteed to make you get wavy. Or maybe that's the shots of Kappa. Either way, make sure you RSVP to OVEREASYLA@GMAIL.COM for free entry...


Black Canvas

Last week, Nick Astro launched a brilliant (albeit poorly marketed) idea: he provided the world with five one-minute-long YouTube videos of Chicago artists rapping in silence, rhyming in darkness, forcing you to listen to the words, forcing you to replay the video and listen even closer. At the end of the week, all five artists came together for a well played, highly entertaining cypher over Nas' “Thief Theme.” Despite the instrumental being from Street's...


No Your City Episode 5: Hanksy

For the fifth episode fo No Your City, we follow the street artist Hanksy as he tags the city. While other famous street artists are deadly serious, and heavy on the plolitical "ART" part of street art (Banksy I'm looking at you), Hanksy has a lot more fun with his art. His work falls somewhere between the best puns on Bob's Burgers and the funniest shit people scratched into desks in junior high school. Tour the...


Via Rosa – DeathViaLove

Via Rosa is her own entity. From Texas to California to currently residing in Chicago, Via is spontaneous, powerful, and full of love. She announced the full-length only a day before dropping it, doing so by hosting an event full of her paintings (she also painted the artwork).

If you're not familiar, her voice is a mixture of hushed secrets and sensual beckoning. “Come over here, let me show you the way”, but also, “Hold my hand,...


The Water Cooler

Let’s be honest: the amount of Bloglin readers that surround a water cooler at an office job and discuss television shows from the night before has got to be slim to none; however, the amount of our readers having pithy conversations about their favorite TV shows at backyard barbeques over a few cold beers is exponentially higher. A cooler full of beer is the true soapbox for all of our entertainment rants, not the famed water cooler. So, I thought it was only right (...



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