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Too Many Days: ELWD's Newest Instrumental Offering

Beatsmith and quality craftsman ELWD is no stranger to the Mishka Blogin. Before releasing 20:00 with us earlier this year, we kept note of his instrumental beat tapes, in particular the dazzling, crackling Dreamwaves, which you should probably spin as soon as you can. But first, check out his newest offering in the form of Too Many...



It's Big Body, bitch, and I'm sippin' lemonade.

Chicago mogul and entrepreneur BIGBODYFIJI is extending his techniques into the rap game, this time with a set of visuals for his origin story.

Produced by Dexter (Glohan) and shot by Jose Franco, the two and a half minute video shows Fiji acting colorful around umbrellas and carnival rides. This video is necessary for...

Sketchbook Exhibits and a Live Drawing: A Jon Carling Update

Do you have 24 minutes? Of course you do.

Intricate, mythological visual artist Jon Carling rarely uses color, creating a world that can fit within any given century. In his first attempt at a live drawing stream, he creates a woman flying atop a massive bird/owl/friendly monster. With music by the Magic Castles, what more do you need? Get out your pen and pad and try to keep up. Shout out Bob Ross.



Green Ova South Get Emotional in New Video "Tears in My Eyes"

“I've got tears all in my eyes.”

It's been Green Ova South season all year long. From a split single at the top of the year to releasing their full-length, Kome Ryde With Us, rappers Pepperboy and Squadda B alongside producer Young God have been going at it properly.

Adding to the heatwave inferno of July, they let loose the powerful music video for the emotional track “Tears in My Eyes”. Directed, shot, and edited by Young God,...

Fables Today: Catching up with Allan Kingdom

I couldn't tell you how many times I've sung/yelled the hook “Don't tell no fables” this calendar year. I even said it to my dad once and he got really confused. Anyway, the track “Fables” remains one of the strongest off of Allan Kingdom's sophomore release, Northern Lights, which we heard back in January. He's kept the energy in...

Nothing's Wrong: Getting to Know The Get Money Squad

“I know that she'll be back again / and I'll make sure our times never end / I grew up, not who I used to be / and this time I'll make sure she never leaves me”

The Get Money Squad. Despite the title, this is not a shitty hip-hop group. Made up of two ...



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