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Smoke a Little Tree and Be My Best Friend: A New Video by @Netherfriends

For the entire month of June, one man band Netherfriends stepped away from social media. He didn't tweet, he didn't yelp, he didn't poke. He watched plenty of Seinfeld, smoked plenty of weed, and made plenty of music.

Now that it's July 1, Netherfriends has returned to his social media platforms (dude loves smoking weed on Snapchat) with a little treat: the video for his song “Smoke a Little Tree.”...


Tails of Sorrow: Issue Seven by Blake Gardner (@yeahokblake)

Yessssssssss. Allow me to break away from any form of journalistic professionalism and explain how excited I get for the first of the month. It's no longer "I'm one month closer to my demise" and it's no longer "I have to pay my rent today." Oh, no. Now, it's much more than that. It's a new story being told by Blake Gardner in the form of a graphic novel about cats and dogs. He started this epic journey back in...


#SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ in Texas (@TeamSesh @XavierWulf @KenshinTravis @EddyBaker @topshelftexas)

#SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ have been prowling through the States this past month, selling out venues and crowd surfing like energized maniacs. Listening to their songs on Soundcloud has me punching through the walls, but seeing them live is a whole different experience. 

The Team Sesh collective made up of Bones, Chris Travis, Xavier Wulf, and Eddy Baker had a run through Texas the other week and our homies at ...


Video Games and Robots: An Interview with Robert Gallardo (@robotgallardo)

Robert Gallardo is a self-proclaimed "art director, dot connector" who crept up on my radar for dabbling in everything from minimalistic, surreal prints to Instagram video games, where coins become likes and audience interaction is mandatory. Gallardo (aka Robot Gallardo) recently became the creative director for A$AP Rocky, taking over his Instagram and assisting with overall aesthetic of his most recent release, ...



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