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Coral Records and the #Seapunk Movement

By Pictureplane, 09/17/2011 - 9:30pm
Coral Records is a brand new record label started by Kansas City bred, Los Angeles based, music producer Fire For Effect, who is probably best known for his work with the boundary smashing queer-art performance group, Ssion. The label was started to act as means to expose the world to the burgeoning music genre, lifestyle, and fashion house of "#seapunk." Supposedly coined by the producer, (and personal favorite twitter personality) Lil Internet, in a dream, #Seapunk is a mostly internet based phenomenon, birthed out of the tumbler and twitter universes as a means to describe a lifestyle aesthetic that is all things oceanic and of the sea. "The beach to me symbolizes where we came from, since i think we are aqueous mammals. We are more similar to dolphins and whales than apes in my opinion" says Fire For Effect. He goes on to muse, "I imagine a place where stars are bright, galaxies are visible in the night sky on a full moon where all my friends and loved ones are raving for eternity, that is the essence of the beach to me" In contrast to this poetic midnight beach rave, Fire For Effect is also environmentally conscious of the state of our Earth and of its future as we approach massive global shifting in 2012. And it is true, that today and in our short term future our attentions will surely be put on the oceans of the world as both temperatures and water levels rise threatening our aquatic friends and our worlds major cities. Fire For Effect Zombelle Teams To coincide with the strong conceptual element behind the liquid sounds sampled throughout certain key #seapunk tracks, there is a fully realized visual styling to those who identify with the lifestyle. Name checking the old television show "seaquest dsv", the movie "Water World" (duh), the Sega Genesis video game "Ecco the Dolphin" and various anime's like "Ponyo", #seapunk is a sort of cyber punk meets futuristic Mad-Max on water attitude meant for those who can surf the gnarliest swells of the world wide wave. #Seapunks can be spotted around in bright outfits of green, purple, ultra violet, and sea foam blue, wearing water socks, sporting shell necklaces, hawaiian floral print shirts, and the trade mark look of a true seapunk, dyed aquamarine hair. "definitely a mainstay is my acid washed jacket, which has kept me warm in many a cold warehouse rave" muses Fire For Effect. Coral Records just put out their first release (Splash001) via their Bandcamp page. The release features some incredible production work from the likes off kilter future steppers, Teams, and Le1f, among others, and comes highly recommended. For just starting out, Coral are keeping themselves very busy, releasing a slew of EP's and LP's and are hoping to be pressing vinyl by December.  Some of the upcoming releases are by fellow seapunkers Zombelle, Slava, and many more. UP THE #SEAPUNKS!
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