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Baby Blue Hallucinations: 2007's Genius Party

Genius Party is a collection of short anime films that I found out about courtesy of Chandler London aka Chandy. He put the anthology on mute during a studio session one night and I was so captivated by the visuals that I downloaded the collection as soon as I got home.

Watching them one by one before bed every night for a week (there are...


Inside and Outside of OZ: 2009's Summer Wars

Holy shit, Summer Wars is an incredible movie. I didn't really know what I was getting into with this film. Rarely do I look up the synopsis before watching a film, especially an anime. Instead, I simply do a Google Image search to see if the content would be something for me to enjoy. Upon searching Summer Wars, all of the results reminded me of Takashi Murakami's artwork. While that style is certainly apparent within the virtual simulation in the film (...


Phantogram's Epic Video for "You Don't Get Me High Anymore"

It's been really interesting to follow Phantogram's career since they first grabbed my attention back in 2009. From their stellar debut of Eyelid Movies to working and touring with Big Boi, they've been steadily climbing since their inception. Now, kicking it up a notch and stepping back into the solo spotlight after Big Grams dropped last year, Phantogram are preparing to release their third studio album known as Three. Although the...

Strange Ocean Tides: Getting to Know Kid Flicks

Earlier this week, I was listening to an old(er) song by Swim Good off of his Bedroomer collective compilation. One of the “related” songs that played...


The Last Artful, Dodgr + Myke Bogan +Neill Von Tally = Rare Treat

To be honest, I haven't been listening to a great deal of hip-hop this year. Perhaps it's because I'm growing out of it, perhaps it's because the times are changing and different genres are being birthed and praised. Regardless of the reason, while I haven't been spinning as much rap music, I have been listening to an excessive amount of music from The Last Artful, Dodgr, who is most assuredly a rappin' ass rapper.

After impressing me down at SXSW this...

Blake Rules :: Boobies6942069

Earlier this year, contributing writer and artist Blake Gardner aka Blake Rules aka yeahokblake released the song “Boobies6942069”. Handling both production and vocal duties, the track is autobiographical and comedic while also being well delivered and sharp. Somehow I managed to miss the memo, but a couple months after the track dropped on SoundCloud, Blake released the music video for this enjoyable track.


Twin Talents: An Exclusive Interview with Duo Two Fresh

Two Fresh are twin brothers crafting some of the most well known backdrops in the current hip-hop realm. From assisting with Mac Miller's Macadelic to a Mad Decent co-sign (releasing their Torch EP through them last year), brothers Shweez and Kendo have also managed to tap into the Chicago music scene, producing for artists like Towkio, Joey Purp, Njomza, and Vic Mensa. Most recently, in collaboration with Earmilk, they've been...



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