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Review: Dopehead - Plaid Palm Trees

By Zachg, 11/08/2011 - 4:30pm
Dopehead - Plaid Palm Trees (2011) [Self-Released] // Grade: B+ Dopehead raps, but not like rappers rap. He really just raps like he does rap. You feel the distinction there? This dude is not some wimpy opportunist that found out he could get some attention and money via rap. Dude lives what rap is about: I'm doing my shit how I wanna do it, and if you think you're gonna fuck with me then you're gonna have one hell of a time doing that, and if you think you're gonna walk around claiming that you're part of what I do with your wack shit you will have a hell of a hard time doing that as well. He doesn't sound like Danny Brown. He didn't bite Danny Brown's style. You just heard about Danny Brown first. Dopehead and Danny Brown have a somewhat similar approach to the craft. They utilize similar rhythms, they accent and syncopate those rhythms in similar ways. They're from the same place, and probably live similar lives. But as far as I'm concerned it ends there. I hear very different rappers. Danny Brown gives large scale public addresses that are almost solipsistic, and dripping with "fuck this shit". He is a large scale personality constructing word pieces. Dopehead is more of a conversationalist. He isn't saying he's ill so much as he's daring wack rappers to tell him he's not ill. 5 or ten years ago we would have waited a long time to hear this record. Danny Brown is the one who has a contract with the label, but the other dudes from his wave are coming up too. Chip$, and Dopehead both put records out within two months after XXX, and they both have more records scheduled. Who wants to hear a lone dude from somewhere? I know I'd much rather find out about a dope scene than a dope rapper, so it's great that Danny Brown's recent acclaim has helped set off a string of releases from artists around him. This isn't just another dude putting out a record. This is just the beginning of a whole new wave of artists. There's a whole host of artists out in Detroit, and further dispersed over the internet, that are all contributing to the art that's starting to emerge from there. Dopehead is a rapper how a rapper is supposed to be. He reps where he's from with honesty, he doesn't take shit, he drops knowledge, and he's making music. It's great to know that some people still take life and rap seriously. That's not to say that anyone needs to run around doing serious stuff, but a lot of people these days seem to treat art, and life in general, pretty lightly. It's obvious that Dopehead isn't fucking around. He's really doing this shit, and "this shit" is about way more than building a flaming rap bush for people to idolize. "Doing this shit" is about surviving as an artist in a world that doesn't want Dopehead to do Dopehead. So there goes dude making sure he keeps his part of hip hop, Detroit, and the world real. Download Dopehead's Plaid Palm Trees (Click Here)
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