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Get to Know: Producer Sheaths (@sheaths_)

Floridian producer Sheaths is a name I recognized for a while, but it wasn't an artist that I listened to until recently. This past week, he released a collaborative single with Soundcloud darling (I went there) Heavy Hearts. The two got very emotional on the “lo-fi death” rollercoaster of “Suffocation.” After hearing that sweeping instrumental, I flew through Sheaths' ...


Phaze What Demands That You Say His Name (@PhazeWhat)

Phaze What gave us his anticipatory project, The Sweet Chin Move, earlier this summer and now he continues to build off of it with visuals for one of the lead singles “Say My Name.”

Unlike the Destiny's Child track, Phaze What strays away from sexy time talk and converses about weed, his friends that are locked up, and more weed. The cloudy rapper best known for being a member of Piff Gang has been able to hold...

Weed, Paisley, Seinfeld, and Spooning: Ladyfriends by Netherfriends (@Netherfriends)

One man band Netherfriends continues to make the rounds around the bloglin. After...


This Little Piggy: Despot's Summer Smash (@despotroast @ratatatmusic)

Despite being in the rap game for over a decade, Despot has yet to ever release a full-length album, but that hasn't stopped him from being a legend both within the hip-hop world and within the underbelly of Queens.

I first heard Despot on a song with Ratatat called “Look Alive” which dropped way back whenever (2009).

Since that time, Despot has toured with Run the Jewels, he has appeared on one of the...



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