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Мишка Records Presents: Swag Toof's Family Over Everything II EP

Today is yet another special day for Мишка Records. We have the opportunity to join forces with hip-hop duo Swag Toof. Made up of Ouija (from Las Vegas) and Choirboy (from Kansas), the two met in New York and have been making wild and unique music ever since. They first came on my radar last year after releasing their Evans Gate EP, which was fully produced by Мишка favorite Ryan Evans. Since that drop back in...


[CONTEST] Мишка Records Beat Battle 02: Accepting All Challengers

It's that time of the month again!

If you were following at all, last month marked our first attempt at our very own beat battle. Over 25 producers submitted instrumentals and a large amount of them blew us away. Now it's time for round two. Let's cut the bullshit and get down to the details. At the beginning of every month, we post a song that has been released through Мишка Records. You download it. You flip it, twist it, remix it, distort it (you do whatever...


Blood and Bunnies: Analyzing Watership Down (1978)

If your sausages are made with soy, this post ain't for you. 

Why not? Because I'm talking about a British animated movie called Watership Down. The tale of when a young rabbit named Fiver, voiced by Richard Brier (a forgettable English actor, by the way) has a prophetic vision that the end of his warren is near, thus creating a story about everything he goes through to get to his new home. So what, bunnies ...


Robots and Jackson Pollock: Watching Ex Machina

I didn't know much about Ex Machina going into it. I knew a robot was involved, and I read the first sentence of the synopsis, which said: A young coder at the world's largest internet company, wins a competition to spend a week at a private retreat belonging to the reclusive CEO of the company.

Boy, was I in for a treat. From the acting to the cinematography, to the contrast between nature and technology, it all worked so well within this Alex Garland film....


Cruising Down a Shanghai Highway with Pantoo

Pantoo is a producer who hails from Shanghai. The only thing I really know about Shanghai is that we just opened a clothing store in the city last year. Anyway, Pantoo hit me up (he's flatmates with one of my favorite producers, Swimful Buterfly), and told me that he released an instrumental EP called Highway. Or, as he calls it, 公路. I gave the six songs a spin and instantly hit repeat.

The tracks are...


Visiting Hawaii with Noah Sims, Hurt Everybody, and Beach Jesus

I went to Hawaii this past winter and it was a mesmerizing experience. The stunning coastline, the national park full of volcanoes, the sunsets. Everything. Even the state fish, the humuhumunukunukuapua'a. Yet, I digess.

Yesterday, seven members of Chicago paid a visit to Hawaii, where they reflected heavily about past love and impending doom. Not necessarily tropical and chill topics meant for the beach, but it be like that sometimes.



Fueling the Fire with Koncept and J57

[Photo credit: Matthew Sorensen]

Think for a second about music that gives you the feels. The uncontrollable nods and smiles, the shoulder dances while you ride the train, the songs you have to run back as soon as they’re done; all tell-tale signs of something real. Koncept & J57 create real deal feels. Their next release, The Fuel, is two years in the making and just might be the project that elevates the duo to the next level. Let’s get...


One Weird Treasure Trove: Instrumentals with Your Mom

A producer named Your Mom hit me up the other week and I decided to give him a listen. With a name like Your Mom, I had no idea what to expect. Your Mom told me that he might change his name to Hexroom, but that has yet to happen. I pressed play on his three song EP, Treasure Trove, and lost my mind for six minutes. The EP would fit nicely in an arcade within an insane asylum.

Released back in August, the EP...



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