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Seeing BankRollTony and Camino Kent in San Antonio

The other night, I went to a rap show in San Antonio without knowing anybody on the flyer. I saw the flyer on Twitter, watched a music video for one of the artists, and it looked like some trap shit so I figured it would be good.

I pulled up around 11:00 PM and the show hadn't started yet, just a handful of people were standing around outside. Inside, a DJ was playing "Hotline Bling" to no one inside except me. Eventually, the DJ got mad...


Rebirth of the Turn Up: An Audio Interview with DJ Whoo Kid

Just like that, we’re back again to bring the Мишка family another exclusive interview. This week, we spoke with New York City’s own and world renowed DJ Whoo Kid. For many of us who grew up during the come up of 50 Cent, it was almost impossible to hear a 50 Cent/G-Unit mixtape without hearing Whoo Kid's name throughout. And it didn’t stop at 50 Cent; Whoo Kid continued to ...


First Impressions of Miyazaki: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979)

While watching Miyazaki's debut film, The Castle of Cagliostro, I became saddened knowing that my Miyazaki filmography binge is quickly coming to a close. Following the debut, I only have one more to watch: The Wind Rises, his final film. 

I've been (more or less) watching one Miyazaki film a week and covering it here on the blog. One by one, I've been dazzled and enchanted. My eyes have opened larger and my imagination is that much more vibrant...


Total Therapy Tomorrow (8/27) with Max and DJ Haram (@MAXcollective @djharam973)

Tomorrow is a night to remember. Mishka is yet again sponsoring the monthly Total Therapy event. It happens on the last Thursday of every month and this month is no different. Chicago's Berlin night club is holding down Total Therapy and it's wise to arrive early before the full-on mayhem ensues.

For tomorrow, the event boasts a guest performance from Max from RuPauls Drag Race Season 7. You can snag a taste of things to come in the...


20 Tickets to the Tropic(s) with Producer ELWD

ELWD grabbed...


Foreign Tongues and Exotic Soundscapes: Hafa by iZem

Like many albums floating and drifting (idling?) out in the ether of the internet, Hafa by iZem grabbed my attention because of the artwork.

I wasn't familiar with the Lisbon-based French producer. I didn't know that Hafa would be “exploring the sound of Latin America and Africa in a vivid analogue-digital, genre-defying soundscape.”

Because of the artwork, I was reminded of Shearwater's album,...


Turning into a Couch Potato with Bobby Raps and Corbin

Bobby Raps and Corbin (formerly known as Spooky Black) released an EP out of the blue. They named it Couch Potato and the aesthetic can only be described as “weird as fuck.” Never in a million years did it cross their minds that, “This EP is going to make us billions. It'll be Grammy award winning!”

Oh no, quite the contrary. Couch Potato is, if...


The 40-Year-Old Virgin was Released Ten Years Ago

The 40-Year-Old Virgin came out ten years ago. It was one of the first rated R movies I saw in theaters and I remember laughing my ass off. At a time when Dukes of Hazzard was getting ridiculed by Roger Ebert (RIP) for being a “lame-brained, outdated wheeze”, and when Deuce Bigalow was still trying to be a thing with the flop of a sequel, The 40-Year-Old Virgin was dominating the box office, raking in a massive $177 million on a $26...



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