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An Album to Revisit: 50 Songs 50 States by @Netherfriends



For Jamaican Queens, Love is Impossible (@JamQueens)

Detroit industrial doo-wopppers Jamaican Queens released a brand new music video on 4/20 for a track called “Love is Impossible.” In the video, two drug-busting cops are sleeping together and trying to avoid the embrace of their concerned wifies. It's emotional, comical, and beautiful, just like their music. On first listen, it's hard to pay attention to the song because the short film is so gripping (is that a coked-...

Faces on the Subway and ODB: Talking with Artist Joe Capon (@CaponJoe)

Joe Capon is an artist residing in Brooklyn, where he is a final year student at Pratt Institute. Either by recommendation or by random chance (who's to know these days?), I started following him on Instagram and was taken by his minimal style, where three strokes might create an entire face, where a yellow circle and two black lines might turn into a killer bee. Diving further into his...


Pepperboy Visits Pottersfield, Returns Stronger (@pepperboy22)


Soar through the Seasons with Milwaukee's Klassik (@IAMKLASSIK)

Milwaukee artist Klassik has been visiting the four seasons and not the hotel.

In an ambitious conceptual outline, the MC, who finds himself singing and rhyming over soulful, jazzy hip-hop, has released three EPs in the last three months. The aesthetic and the concept of these is what grabbed my attention but the music and the output is what kept me coming back for more.



Staff Picks: Dane Thompson

A couple weeks back we let you get to know one of our own, Ben, editor of the Bloglin. You may recognize him from our webstore, as we sometimes pull him in to model, but today, you can learn a little bit about one of the dudes essential to the creative process here at Mishka: Dane Thompson. After a brief stint as an intern in 2012, Dane eventually became a part of the team that works...

Down by the Trinity: Speaking with The Outfit, TX (@TheOutfitTX)

(L to R: Mel, Dorian, JayHawk)

The Outfit, TX hail from Dallas, but they formed in college at the University of Houston. Producer Dorian and Mel went to middle school and high school together in Dallas, and the two met MC JayHawk while in Houston, in an area that they refer to as the southern baptist mecca.

In 2012, they released their stand-out album, the psychedelic, experimental, southern space...



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