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Does Marvel Actually Support Mutant Rights?

By Whole Milk, 12/30/2011 - 11:30am
Oh humans, bless you and your endless propensity for strangeness, your preoccupation with minutia, your ability to make real life surpass fiction, and your beautiful nerdiness. The podcast Radiolab, which is really good if you've never listened to it, had a great episode last week where they discussed a particularly interesting maneuver made by Marvel's action figure division some years ago. After discovering essentially a loophole in tax laws, two Marvel employees convinced them that if they could get their X-Men figurines classified as "toys" instead of "dolls," they could manufacture and import them for half the price. The only catch: to classify them as toys, they had to convince a court that the characters being represented were not human. That's right Professor X: after all that talk, not even Marvel acknowledges you as a real person! How wonderfully devious. It's 20 minutes, give it a listen, it's incredibly interesting. Even Bryan Singer weighs in.
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