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Sleigh Bells Will Slay Ur

By Whole Milk, 01/24/2012 - 11:30pm
Alexis Krauss blonde? Whaaa? Don't worry Hipster Runoff, it's only for part of the video. The harsh black bangs are still in effect for most of the video for single "Comeback Kid" off of upcoming sophomore LP Reign Of Terror. Once again, Sleigh Bells comes off as something that maybe you really shouldn't like but just can't help yourself. Damn you, adorable lead singer with bubblegum hooks and aggressive backing tracks. Sounds like more of the same stuff, not a bad thing. I guess her vocals are a little clearer now a la "Rill Rill" but the background is still "Crown On The Ground" riff-n-thump. The video consists mostly of cheeky cuteness and Derek Miller hanging out in a In Utero tee while trying not to stand in front of the camera for too long lest anyone remember he was the guy in Poison The Well. Keep on keepin' on kids!
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