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Take the Plunge On Tim & Eric's Pledge

By Whole Milk, 01/24/2012 - 9:30pm
Continuing their quest to inundate their fans with fun and shenanigans while simultaneously coming off as too strange to recruit any new followers, Tim and Eric have started a new campaign to support the upcoming release of their movie. T&E's B$M Pledge is the perfect thing for anyone who wants to let the world know how much they like T&E and how everyone else should too. So basically any T&E fan. Consisting of a written and signed pledge that you will not only see B$M, but you will also bring at least one member of your family (or close friend, they're not crazy) to the screening, which will be at a movie theater (unless it's not playing within 50 miles) and you most definitely will not Torrent it, and you will tell at least 4 other people about it. Oh, and you definitely will not go see the movie Lorax. Because it looks bad. Check out their YouTube Channel for taped pledges by Weird Al, Karen O, James Murphy, Paul Rudd, Elijah Wood, and more. And watch B$M on On Demand this Friday. Unless it's coming to a theater near you. You promised.
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