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Let's Pretend: Uncovering the Greaf (@GREAFER)

It's hard to keep up with elusive Team Sesh producer Greaf. Not only does he release projects almost every week, but he also gives little promo. If you miss one of his tweets directing you to a Mediafire link, you might not even know he released a full-length...


Good as it Ever Was: An Exclusive Interview with @NedsWorld of @THRAXXHOUSE

Just like that, I'm back again to bring you another artist on the edge. This week, I link up with Thraxxhouse god Mackned for a very exclusive interview. Mackned is an old friend of the Mishka family along with his hard working creatives Thraxxhouse. In this interview, Mackned and I discuss his start with music, his upcoming album Female and how he came up with the idea for the new project ...


From the UK to the Chi: Speaking with Artist Abel Gray (@abelgraymusic)

Abel Gray is a UK talent that has managed to tap himself into the Chicago music scene. On top of providing artwork (and occasionally guest verses) for names like Hurt Everybody, Alex Wiley, and Beach Jesus, he has also crafted some solo material that sounds like a cross between a more sober Ratking and a more sad King Krule. It seems that when Gray is not rapping or singing or producing, he is drawing, and when he is...


Italian Producer Okho Gives Us a Dose of Alprazolam (@iamokho)

It's the artwork that drew me in and the beats that kept me hanging around. Italian producer...


Get to Know: Producer Sheaths (@sheaths_)

Floridian producer Sheaths is a name I recognized for a while, but it wasn't an artist that I listened to until recently. This past week, he released a collaborative single with Soundcloud darling (I went there) Heavy Hearts. The two got very emotional on the “lo-fi death” rollercoaster of “Suffocation.” After hearing that sweeping instrumental, I flew through Sheaths' ...



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