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Gorillaz+James Murphy+Andre 3000: Hipsters Unite!

By Flake Shot, 02/22/2012 - 7:30pm
Gorillaz' crazy new track/hipster-magnet-item “DoYaThing”, just dropped and it features Andre 3000 and James Murphy getting pretty nuts and spitting hot fire over a really upbeat instrumental. Damon Albarn has been working with three stacks and monsieur Murphy for a minute now, and the internet has been stoked for this one to drop. I think I just heard Williamsburg collectively climax through the office window. Just kidding, our office doesn't have windows. Help us. Seriously though, Andre's verse is crazy long and crazy dope. Dude is very quickly morphing into the king of the guest spot. Good thing? This meeting of the minds is to promote their collaboration with Converse to create and design a new Gorillaz-themed sneaker. Commerce! That sounds interesting. A Gorillaz sneaker might be dope. You can download “DoYaThing” via the Converse website tomorrow, but first listen to this rip of the track here!
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