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Review: Trust - TRST

By TXTBK, 02/29/2012 - 4:30pm
Trust - TRST (2012) [Arts & Crafts] // Grade: B Trust is Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski, the drummer from the all female synth act Austra. The release careens around various synth pop styles and treads the line between being true throwback synth wave in the vein of Trisomie 21 and also sounding very retro electroclash like Fischerspooner, FPU, or early Ladytron. What seems to hold the release together despite these seemingly separate synth styles is the T21 style verby serious vocal delivery of Robert Alfons which helps maintain the level of believability in spite of the semi-obvious tongue in cheekiness. The first track,"Shoom," is almost cookie cutter Works era Trisomie 21 with tight gated drums, epic reverb, and synths galore with careening effects coming from outside of the stereo field. The song also plays in a similar way to T21 with melodic emotional swings, full of dips and swells. Some of the percussive synth arpeggiations even sound a bit like Tear Garden circa Tired Eyes Slowly Burning. The third song, "Bulbform," has much more of an aggressive electroclash style with its definite 4/4 909 clubby percussion accompanied by low humming vox and outstanding grinding synth bass. High pittery blips and massive feedback delays crown this beast. The rest of the tracks continue in various synth styles. "The Last Dregs" begins with filter happy analog zaps that open into soaring resonant strings. Their first single (originally released last year prior to signing with Arts & Crafts) the epic cold wave ballad "Candy Walls" will transport you to an '80s Michael Mann soundtrack flashback. "Gloryhole" has a definitive or Swayzak production value sitting above a loop of synth and voice that sounds directly extracted from Peter Gabriel's soundtrack to Birdy. Two tracks that step away from the rest with Maya on some vocals are "This Ready Flesh" where she sounds almost Miss Kittin and FTF with accompanying live bass. As a whole this album is a complete work full of great song writing,  excellent production, and moods that will have you listening to TRST on repeat. Buy it at Insound!
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