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Ahoy Maties! A cLOUDY Update From The Reef!

By Zachg, 03/02/2012 - 1:00pm
In case you didn't see, I have been busy busy busy over at Rad Reef. Today we released the anticipated cLOUDLIFE EP with Main Attrakionz and Jel (along with my EP with Long Island-based beatsmith FreshGalaxy). Making this record wasn't such a huge big deal, but now that everything is finished and I get to step back and see it in the world I'm really kinda blown away. I've hustled for a long time makin music, and from day one I was tryin to fuck with some Jel beats, but I was just some dude in Florida. Eventually I got on the Anticon Street Team, but running the Orlando chapter didn't lead to much. Fast-forward another five years and I'm chillin in my apartment in New York with Jel after recording his set at the Anticon 10 year anniversary. Fast-forward another 4 years or so and I'm in my studio in Oakland recording Main Attrakionz over some Jel beats. To top it all off SPIN premiered an exclusive preview of the EP. That's the first kind of major coverage I've ever gotten for any of my music. It felt good, and the fact that it was in the company of one my longest-standing role-models, as well as two of my since-I-moved-to-California friends made it even better. Rap is in an incredible state right now, and I'm happy to be contributing to it. I think that there is definitely something to be said for the similarities between Anticon and Green Ova, but I'm not too interested in what exactly needs to be said. That's moreso for you. And I guess that drive is the same one that has informed all of the collaborative EPs I've done so far this year, as well as those that haven't released yet. I'm not exactly interested in what is said, so much as creating the opportunity for something to be said. The mentality going into all of these projects is pretty simple: I'm dope, you're dope, let's see what happens if we don't really try to make anything happen. And you can listen for yourself, but I think that all of these releases succeed in creating great music without having any clear intention beyond the art being solid. PMB HO!! was the first collab EP of the year. Me and Black Noi$e linked up for this one literally right after I got back from workin on the mountain. We wound up bangin out the tracks pretty quick, and I gotta say I'm psyched with the results. It's cool because the distribution of duties is slightly different on every one of these releases, and I liked that Rob did the mixing on this one. CARBON BROS was the second collab, and this one came together pretty quick as well. Right after Squadda's B$C dropped me and BK Beats linked up, and after 2 or 3 emails we had worked out the beats for an EP, and a few weeks later it was a wrap. This one was cool because BK sent me the stems for all the beats and I got to really get in there and do some wide open mixing. I also did a video for the track Peter, which is prolly my fave on the record. Hasburry Gardens baby live and direct! This was a great one. I met Left when I came to New York at the beginning of February. We hung out, smoked a bunch of hashish, and filmed a video for the song "Master of Solitude" from my upcoming LP Sonter Masic. I asked Left if he wanted to do an EP and he was with it. We came up with the idea of making it a very loosely bound concept album where we're the keepers of an inn that specializes in hash and sex. A few weeks, and a few simple beats later, and there you have it: bonafide stoner sex house raps. Cool Cool Summer just came out today. I'm excited to see how people feel about it. It's similar to previous stuff, but I think it also shows some different styles that folks haven't heard from me yet. FreshGalaxy and I linked up on twitter about 3 weeks ago, and I think it was about 2 weeks top to bottom to do this whole project. This is the first time that I mixed anything where I just had stereo 2 tracks of the beat and then my vox. It was kinda limiting, but also made things super simple. All of these releases are available for free (with the exception of cLOUDLIFE) at the Rad Reef Bandcamp.
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