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Sounds From the Other Side: Jack Duckworth's Starting a (Soft) Riot

By Rue Sauvage, 03/12/2012 - 1:20am
We used to tour together, Jack and I. This was back before he was a Londoner, when I was just a baby, and we’d dash around the States playing show spaces like Providence’s AS220 and that storefront in St. Louis; the freezing one with all the couches. He was juggling the post-punk Radio Berlin and haywire electronic A Luna Red, and later, once he ditched Vancouver for Jolly Old, he’d exercise similar energies in Savage Furs and Primes. Jack Duckworth, after all, doesn’t pause. He makes noises like they’re in his blood. But history aside --- even in the context of watching that history unfold real time --- nothing’s quite touched the spectral glow of Soft Riot. It’s Jack cued up to serious next level: The conceptual result of all those wicked synthscapes and EBM swagger filtered through a pin-prick minimal lens. Latest release Another Drone In Your Head cycles through the elements he’s embodied all these years --- the static and drone, biting black humor, arpeggiated drive and desperate longing --- but it puts a fresh premium on subtlety. The trick to Another Drone, to Soft Riot en masse, is what it’s refusing to do. Like the tension-soaked soundtrack to a robotic mob, just on the brink of anarchy. Grab Another Drone In Your Head now from the Tundra Bancamp and follow Jack’s journal and playlist at Soft Riot’s official page. If you’re lucky, he might spin some old tour stories about epic noise jams and weird toy closets. Another Drone In Your Head by Soft Riot
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