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Fall 2015 Reality TV Report: Ladies of London, Dash Dolls and More

The world has changed since I last reported. A fantastic season of Real Housewives of New York City is in the rearview. Real Housewives of Orange County is speeding towards conclusion with an ethically questionable (and superb) storyline concerning Brooks’s supposedly fake cancer. Meanwhile, Bachelor in Paradise closed a continuously breathtaking season with the worst on-screen breakup in human history, and I Am Cait has inexplicably...


Sandcastles, Mermaids, and Stars: Speaking with Singer Nami Ramo

Sacramento-based singer Nami Ramo popped on my radar earlier this year when she released 001, an EP entirely produced by TRIIYP. The four song debut project was stuck underwater, dripping wet and dreamy. Producer Whoarei pointed me in the direction of this project, and a recommendation from the talented producer is all that was needed for me to press play. Since, Nami...


The Jungle Book: An Honest Book Review

Music: it's not the only way to the secret path of badassliness.  

Sure, listening to Wu-Tang can turn on the engines of your masculinity, but reading something like The Jungle Book by an English, Bombay born writer Rudyard Kipling can have a stronger impact on your life than any Wu song. This rule doesn't apply to Ghostface's solo albums, though. That shit can't even be beaten by the Bible. The Jungle Book is the type of book...


JRevinatii$: A Bloglin Introduction

During a recent search through the Internet, I came across this NYC artist JRevinatii$, an artist on the come up of music and videos. I knew very little about this artist but I found his videos very interesting along with all of the stories that his music tells his audience. With that in mind, I knew speaking to this truly unique artist would be a good look for the blog. JRev...


Emancipator Sails the Seven Seas with Newest LP

My buddy in college got me into Emancipator. He told me something along the lines of “This guy made this album in his college dorm room." And such is the case: Emancipator's 2006 debut album, Soon it Will be Cold Enough, was crafted in the confines of a teenage student housing...


Le Drought in Texas: Saint Clair's Newest Release

I don't know much about rapper Saint Clair, but I'm going to assume he's from Dallas. His newest project, Le Drought, comes hosted by Dallas DJ bemyfriend, hence how I found out about it.

The eight song tape (EP?) is almost entirely produced by duo White Ferrari who provides drug-fueled backdrops for Clair to hazily flow through. Bass and abstract synth patterns...


Tomorrow: The Second to Last Total Therapy

Usually when I'm promoting the Total Therapy extravaganzas, they take place on the final Thursday of every month. But this event is an exception, one that is happening tomorrow, October 8th. The reason that is, it pains me to say, is that Total Therapy is coming to an end. This is the second to last event.


Total Therapy has been one hell of an adventure, so it's necessary to make your way to the last two fiestas. For this event, Stardust is...


Ten Songs You Need for Your October

It's been a while since I've written a Bloglin roundup of songs that I've been listening to. It's October and I tend to listen to more relaxing music in the fall. That's really the only introduction I need to give. What more do you want from me bro? Below you will find ten eleven songs I've been enjoying as of late. Consider them a Dream Team of sorts. 




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